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In The House That David Built Julia Proctor White has chronicled the life of her family in Peoria at a time when cows could roam the streets unattended, public transportation was by mule car, and Glen Oak Avenue was still named Bluff Street.

Read or print Julie's manuscript (138K).

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Read about the author in the Introduction to The First Forty Years.

Read the publisher's notes.

Read the publisher's remarks.

See the House That David Built.

See pictures of David, Sarah, Charlie, Davie, and Julie.

See Grace, Fannie, and Julie costumed for "The Streets of Amsterdam."

See Sarah in 1914.



The Illinois River flows from the northeast to the southwest. Peoria is situated on the northwest side of the river. Perry Street parallels the river about six blocks away. 211 Perry Street, now identified as 245 Northeast Perry Street, is at what is now at the northeast edge of Peoria's business district. The house is occupied by the Hult, Fritz, Matuszak & Associates advertising agency.

The house faces the river. As you face the house, the Fayette Street corner is to your right. The house occupied by Julie's little friend Flora was to your left.

Publisher's Remarks

I was given a copy of The First Forty Years around 1970 when I lived at 1140 NE Glen Oak Avenue in Peoria, Illinois. I later learned that Julie had also written an unpublished chronicle of her parents' life at 211 Perry Street, where she grew up. This electronic version is transcribed from a copy of this memoir in the collection of the Peoria Historical Society housed in the Special Collections Center of the Cullom-Davis Library at Bradley University.

I have taken the liberty to correct obvious typographical errors and to update spelling, grammar, and capitalization to make the manuscript more readable. The ellipses and question mark in parentheses are Julie's devices. They do not indicate my omission or uncertainty.

The illustrations listed above appear at the end of the manuscript. The text that you see was scanned along with the pictures.

This electronic edited version of the manuscript is Copyright 2001 by Jan Huffman. All rights reserved. You have my permission to print the manuscript for your personal use. The original manuscript is fifty-five pages long. Nobody likes to read that much at a computer screen.


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