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Here's a place you'll often find me, in the kitchen. Here I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner with Louise Davy at her house in Provincetown.

janspoon.jpg (3698 bytes) Can you hang a spoon from your nose? Here's something Susan and I learned at TCI Convention 1990 in Minnesota.

Want to try it? Wipe your nose to remove any oil. The spoon should be clean. Now breathe on the inside of the bowl of the spoon to make just a little bit of condensation. Hold your head upright and place the spoon on your nose so that the front of your nose makes contact with the inside of the spoon. Keep trying. Most people get the hang of it.

If this is the talent I have to show you, I guess I don't have very many.

This shot is from TCI Convention 1993 in Boston, hosted by the Boston Beanstalks. This was the first "drag night" at a TCI convention and featured the Miss Tall Transvestite International contest. Will we ever grow up?

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