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Jan Huffman

I was born in Canton, Illinois, and when I was one year old my family moved to Peoria. I attended Washington and Franklin grade schools and Peoria High School, and then went to MIT. After college I moved back to Peoria with my wife, Nan, where I worked for the Construction Equipment Division of Westinghouse Air Brake Company, the Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis, and McDonnell Douglas Automation Company. We were actively involved with two community theater groups, Peoria Players and Corn Stock Theatre. Hallie was born in 1970 when we lived at 1140 NE Glen Oak Avenue and Heath in 1972. While we lived at 1140 I was given a manuscript, the memoirs of Julia Proctor White, told in terms of her house two doors up from ours. I'd like to share it with you. It's called "The First Forty Years".

After living for a year in Creve Coeur, Missouri (courtesy of McDonnell Douglas), we moved to Newton, Massachusetts, ten miles west of Boston, in 1976, the Bicentennial Year. I've worked here for Data General, Prime Computer, Absolut Software, Wang Laboratories, Project Software & Development, Software Productivity Research, and One Communications. Amanda was born here in 1979. Nan and I went our separate ways in 1987, and I was fortunate to meet Susan at a tall club weekend party in Toronto shortly thereafter.

Susan and I are health coaches helping our clients achieve optimal health and increased longevity.

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