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dcp_0211.jpg (35083 bytes) L. L. Bean is an "outdoor" store, and here's a very attractive outdoor display of tents next to a lovely reflecting pool.
dcp_0212.jpg (14885 bytes) The handles on the entrance doors are canoe paddles.
dcp_0213.jpg (23406 bytes) There are large open spaces such as this one leading from the front entrance to the main floor.
dcp_0214.jpg (23072 bytes) This open space turns 90 degrees and continues into the store.
dcp_0215.jpg (24178 bytes) The central stairwell leading to the second floor sales area is built into a pond, from which these ducks are forever taking flight.
dcp_0216.jpg (27874 bytes) Shelves of shirts in the tall men's department on the main floor.
dcp_0224.jpg (27385 bytes) Here's an overview of the tall men's area. There are several specialty departments on the lower level such as fishing and hunting. Each of these is the size of a normal specialty store.
dcp_0217.jpg (22343 bytes) A very large open area inside the side entrance. Through the doors you can see the separate building housing the L. L. Bean Kids store.
dcp_0218.jpg (23599 bytes) The Maine moose. Note the clock face in the background and the chimes to the left of the moose head.
dcp_0221.jpg (29116 bytes) To the right are the clockworks that run the clock face in the pictures above. To the left is a giant music-box reel that operates those chimes.
dcp_0223.jpg (28623 bytes) The sun was setting as we prepared to leave L. L. Bean.
dcp_0225.jpg (18942 bytes) Check out that sky. I wonder whether every Maine sunset is so romantic.
dcp_0226.jpg (20544 bytes) We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Gritty McDuff's Brewhouse. That's Marie and Bob on the left and Susan and Jan on the right. Oh, yes, and the waiter behind.


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