Exploring Public Market
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dcp_0202.jpg (33949 bytes) Here's one of the two shopping corridors in the Public Market. They are arranged in an L shape. If you look up to the right you'll see the balcony in the next picture.
dcp_0203.jpg (29450 bytes) This is a balcony with tables and chairs overlooking the shopping floor. To the left of the balcony are elevators and a banquet room. They host private events in this area.
dcp_0204.jpg (27595 bytes) Here's the revered Maine Moose, this time constructed from twigs. He overlooks the shopping floor from his private balcony over the main entrance where the shopping corridors meet.
dcp_0205.jpg (21511 bytes) This is the shorter shopping corridor as viewed from the balcony. To get a more interesting look at the shops, go to the Public Market's Virtual Tour page and take the IPIX 360 degree interactive tour at the bottom of the page.
dcp_0206.jpg (29940 bytes) That's Susan buying us ice cream at the Smiling Hill Farm Dairy & Market. It's strange how the further north you go, the better the ice cream is. Ben & Jerry's is from Vermont, you know.
dcp_0207.jpg (30811 bytes) Check out the size of those Maine Salmon. If there were a tall club for fish, they would be eligible! Portland Harbor is part of Casco Bay.
dcp_0209.jpg (31257 bytes) The Bayley Hill Elk & Deer Farm retail outlet. Don't forget that we're in the North Country. This is home to those creatures.
dcp_0208.jpg (27160 bytes) Want some elk top round or some venison rib eye? Here's the place to get it.
dcp_0210.jpg (36270 bytes) The Maine Beer & Beverage Company, featuring beers "from Maine and Away." A "case o' Maine" is $27.50.

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