Exploring the Sheraton
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dcp_0120.jpg (25924 bytes) This is one of the twin circular towers that comprise the Sheraton South Portland. Although the hotel is only a mile from the airport, we didn't notice any noise from aircraft while we were there. Maybe that's because the Portland airport isn't particularly busy.
dcp_0121.jpg (29752 bytes) The color of this bush along the walkway from the free parking lot to the hotel exposes the season of our visit.
dcp_0146.jpg (29956 bytes) You can see the other tower above the canopies leading to the hotel's front doors.
dcp_0122.jpg (30074 bytes) The check-in lobby is cozy, since this isn't a mega-hotel. It has 220 rooms.
dcp_0124.jpg (29876 bytes) An informal area for sitting and relaxing near the check-in lobby. This is near the public restaurant but distant from the hubbub of the function rooms.
dcp_0159.jpg (21312 bytes) A view toward the check-in lobby from the sitting area above.
dcp_0126.jpg (22992 bytes) The public restaurant and bar is quiet, decorated in wood and brass. We had lunch here and we all enjoyed it.
dcp_0127.jpg (36664 bytes) The pool room is really spectacular.
dcp_0131.jpg (18668 bytes) Have you ever seen a nicer entry to a pool?
dcp_0132.jpg (21877 bytes) I couldn't resist taking lots of pictures of the pool The architect really did good work here.
dcp_0138.jpg (33334 bytes) Here you can see how the group-size hot tub and pool lounge fit into the pool area.
dcp_0137.jpg (29191 bytes) Here's a close-up of that hot tub. There's even a clock so you can relax without worrying about what time it is.
dcp_0133.jpg (33612 bytes) The entire pool area, including this lounge, is covered with tropical plants.
dcp_0134.jpg (20066 bytes) There are saunas in the men's and women's locker rooms for those who prefer their heat dry.
dcp_0128.jpg (21227 bytes) This is the exercise room.
dcp_0129.jpg (24235 bytes) More of the exercise equipment.
dcp_0130.jpg (17471 bytes) The pool area is just on the other side of that door.
dcp_0125.jpg (23302 bytes) This is a fairly typical meeting room for most hotels. It's probably the least interesting one at the Sheraton.
dcp_0139.jpg (24474 bytes) Here's a nice big meeting room. After we took this picture one of the members of the organization meeting here came out to ask what we were doing. It turns out that he has a relative on the west coast who is eligible, so we told him all about TCI.
dcp_0140.jpg (12823 bytes) Here's the Ballroom Lobby. Those are the elevators to the west tower across the lobby.
dcp_0142.jpg (17667 bytes) This is one third of the grand ballroom. To the left are two more sections this size and an anteroom that would be perfect for a queens' dressing room.
dcp_0143.jpg (16043 bytes) This is a room that would be perfect for workshops. There are two or three of these rooms off this corridor. The shapes of these rooms are interesting, for they are on the exterior wall of a circular tower.
dcp_0144.jpg (23091 bytes) This room, just down the corridor from the above room, is just the right size for the delegates' meeting.
dcp_0151.jpg (11572 bytes) No neverending corridors in this hotel! Since the guest rooms are in circular towers, this is as far as you can see down any corridor. I wonder what's going on around the corner.
dcp_0148.jpg (8815 bytes) Here's the room number on the door of one of the rooms we looked at. It says "Tara." Apparently this hotel is part of the Sheraton Tara group of hotels, many of which are built like castles.
dcp_0149.jpg (9396 bytes) This light greeted us as we entered the guest room. These rooms were already well decorated, but we were informed that every guest room will be remodeled before 2001.
dcp_0150.jpg (14624 bytes) Here are the appointments in a room with two double beds. This is all scheduled to be replaced during the remodeling.
dcp_0152.jpg (15989 bytes) Here's the furniture in a king room. The high-boy is a TV cabinet with dresser space below. This will probably all change with the remodeling.
dcp_0153.jpg (20477 bytes) The bathrooms are nicely appointed. Note the hair dryer and the coffee brewer. The rooms are all pie-shaped, with the bathroom next to the entrance door. This puts the bathroom and closet area at the small end of the room.
dcp_0160.jpg (14108 bytes) Although the hotel is near the airport, it isn't isolated. The Maine Mall is just across the street.
dcp_0147.jpg (19893 bytes) This is a picture of the Maine Mall taken from the hotel. There's even a traffic light to get you across the street safely.


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